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Client Reviews

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Sara and Alex, River North

My husband was definitely reluctant about learning a choreographed dance for our wedding, but Phillipa was such a great teacher that we both completely enjoyed the process! It was so convenient to have her come to our apartment, and she spent as much time as we needed for each lesson. The lessons were relaxed and fun, and even though we are complete beginners with absolutely no dance experience, it only took us 4 lessons to learn our entire first dance. The lessons were very affordable, and we are so happy that we chose to work with Phillipa. We had so much fun performing our first dance at our wedding and we got so many compliments! Our photographer even said he’s never had a couple look so good dancing! No one could believe how great the choreography was and that it only took 4 lessons. Thank you so much!!

John and Rose, Old Town

We decided to take dance lessons and have our “first dance” choreographed because we wanted something fun, unique, and enjoyable for our guests. I don’t like the typical “prom hold” when I watch couples dance at weddings….boring! As I researched all the dance class options, I was drawn to Jiveroc’s style of dance, Phillipa’s personal attention (love that she comes to our home), and price (great deal)! When we first attended one of the Jiveroc group sessions, we were taken aback by Phillipa’s dancing…WOW! We thought to ourselves, there’s no way we can learn how to dance…this is hopeless! Phillipa came to our home a few weeks later and we were on our way. Phillipa choreographed our dance perfectly. We had so much fun! Our first dance was a HUGE hit as we received cheering throughout and a standing ovation. Many commented that was the BEST wedding dance they have ever seen. What more could you ask for? Thank you, Phillipa!

Katie and Gary, River North

We had so much fun creating our wedding dance with Phillipa! She taught us some great moves and guided us as we developed a dance routine that fit our own style. She really listened to what we wanted and provided encouraging feedback as we practiced with her. It was so nice to have her come to us for the lessons and also to not have to watch the clock since she would stay for as long as we wanted for a set price. Phillipa is full of ideas, flexible, and fun. Thanks for helping us feel comfortable and confident so we could really enjoy the first dance at our wedding!

Lauren and Jim, Elmhurst

My husband and I decided to take dance lessons since neither one of us was experienced with ballroom dancing. We were lucky enough to come across JiveRoc! We met with our dance instructor, Phillipa three different times and she turned us into dancers. All of our guests were blown away by our beautifully choreographed dance and are still talking about it! We absolutely recommend taking your dance lessons through this company! Oh, and we recommend our videographer too, check out Milestone Videos.

Andy and Jeanie, Avondale

Phillipa’s dance lessons were great! I wasn’t interested in dancing and used to avoid it at all costs, but my wife wanted us to do a choreographed first dance and after one class with Phillipa my opinion changed. She choreographed a full routine for us that really impressed our guests. She is a very laid back instructor who invited us into her own home so we would not be nervous practicing in front of a crowd. If you plan on getting married or just want to learn some moves for your black tie events I recommend Phillipa and JiveRoc.